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    Post Pregnancy Support Abdominal Post-operative support Aids in toning the abdomen muscles Tummy Trimmer Benefits of use: Lifts and carries the extended abdomen and provides proper support without squeezing and cramping Ideally suited for horizontal incisions of the lower, middle and upper abdomen Forces abdomen muscles to contract helping them to get...

    Rs. 560
  • Rs. 435

    For cases of pregnancy, abdominal surgery and post-operative support For binding and healing of vertical and horizontal surgical incisions of lower, middle and upper abdomen For toning of abdominal muscles after delivery or Caesarean section (CS) For reduction of the waistline by optimal compression

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  • Rs. 585

    Uses -  Abdominal support belts are worn to relieve pain in the back caused by muscle weakness and injuries Natural Tummy Tuck Makes You Look SlimmerEases Your MovementsHeals The Incision Quickly

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  • Rs. 995

    Indications: Low Back pain. Muscle Strain. Post surgical support. Abdominal Sugery.

    Rs. 995
Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items