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  • Rs. 2,550

    Helps to suppress appetite. Ensures easy weight loss. Maintains normal blood glucose levels. Promotes healthy cholesterol levels. Helps stimulate digestion.

    Rs. 2,550
  • Rs. 279

    Uses: Rich in antioxidants [vitamins A, E, selenium, zinc and copper] essential during pregnancy and lactation. Promote all round development of the baby. Improve the birth weight of the baby. Improve the quality and quantity of breast milk during lactation.

    Rs. 279
  • Rs. 160

    Uses: Reinforces the immune system and helps fight disease. Totally chemical-free, natural and safe. Strengthens your body's internal defense mechanism with anti-oxidant properties.

    Rs. 160
  • Rs. 35

    A 100% herbal and natural Unani (persian arabic) medicine, zinda tilismath is used as a treatment many common ailments. It consists of a mixture of selected herbs together are extremely effective as a cure to all ailments.

    Rs. 35
Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items