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    Indication: First 10 days post delivery. Uterine infection protective. Effective in vata.

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    Indication: Improves digestion and health of nursing mother used 11th day to 20th day. Improves quantity of breast milk.

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    Indication: Weak abdominal muscles (due to pregnancy). Weak ligaments attached to uterus and Pelvis (due to pregnancy). Helps to normalize the size and shape of uterus.

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  • Rs. 445

    A healthy diet is important for mother's and the baby. It is important for mothers to choose for the right product and provide themselves the right amount of nutrition. Abbott Sim Mom is the best nutritional product for mothers and their babies during pregnancy and lactation. It maintains energy levels and provides nutrition to mother so the she can give...

    Rs. 445
Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items